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Flash Optimized Disk Array

Excellent performance: support high-concurrency, maximize wide bandwidth utilization, high-capacity flash memory to accelerate IOPS

Highly reliable: multiple redundant error correction and automatic data recovery mechanisms, support inter-chassis RAID7 technology (can tolerate service down of up to three chassis simultaneously)

Ultra-high storage efficiency: support online data compression and data deduplication, storage efficiency can be increased 2-10 fold

High Density: the largest single 4U ​​chassis housing to accommodate 90 large-capacity disks

Low power consumption: lowest power / per unit in storage industry

Simple and versatile: Intelligent Web UI management and automatic monitoring, support FC / iSCSI / NFS / SAMBA multiple protocols

Hyper converged multi-function server

High-density computing: 2U chassis containing 4 independent nodes and each node with high-performance CPU and ample memory

All-flash storage: Each node with 6 SSD disks comprises distributed all-flash system with scalable external disk arrays

Excellent high temperature endurance and energy management: high-performance of data processing, high temperature operation and energy saving properties

Very high reliability: Damage of any node, hard drives, network cards and other components does not stop the system service

Integrated virtualization management software: realization of server virtualization, network virtualization and storage virtualization

Scalability: processing capabilities of the platform automatically changes according to the increase or decrease of processing nodes

Unified cloud computing platform: supports both server virtualization and desktop cloud

Security Management: Integrated Virtual Machine realizes firewall, anti-virus network, intrusion prevention system ( IPS ), data leakage prevention ( DLP ) and other data security features

Mini-office cloud

No need of data center: mini tower server, energy saving and mute

Mass storage supports flexible usage: single tower with gross capacity up to 40TB, support single-tower or up to 32 towers cluster

Easy deployment: software pre-installed and ease to use

Various enterprise applications: pre-installed mail server, web server, database, cloud storage/file synchronization and sharing, network storage NFS and SAMBA, VPN remote access, firewall / Proxy / anti-intrusion checking, video monitoring, backup services, etc.

Multi-platform instant access: Support Windows client, website, Android client, iOS client

Automatic synchronization: each client and server file automatically synchronizes

User-friendly system monitoring: for cloud storage capacity, disk, CPU and memory

Coordination office: multi-person and multi-machine share synchronized file folder.

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