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2016 CES in Las Vegas

Storage system plays a critical role in VDI project. Without high-performance yet costly storage the benefits of virtualizations will be wiped out by slow and even crashed write/read data traffic. The more virtual machines (VDI), the more complicated storage system.  The successful implementation of 2700 VDI in CEC in 2015 has approved Horeb data to be one of the best storage system providers in the world.

CEC is one of the largest producers of telecom equipment in China

“R & D is the core department in CSR. Dispersed PCs and unsecure data has been our big concern. Horeb Data desktop cloud solution satisfied our needs perfectly. We have purchased previously Horeb data disk array for more than a year. Our expectation for system performance and stability is surpassed.”

CSR Group Corporation was a Chinese locomotive and rolling stock manufacturer.  In 2015 CSR Group was merged with CNR Group to form CRRC Group.

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